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Cinevore: Smart Content for TV and Web

Cinevore is a content house and production company with offices in New York and Philadelphia. We write and produce original properties, primarily smart comedy, sci-fi, and gamer-targeted content.

We are probably best known for the webseries OverAnalyzers, Living in 8 Bits, Society: Why It’s Wrong, and Nerd vs. Geek.

In 2012, we began developing IP with larger studios as well, writing/producing short film “Dialogue Tree” for Red 5 Studios,  followed by three more films, “Biohazards”, “Limit Break”, and “Supervillian Security Solutions.” We also produced the series Moot for Articulate with Jim Cotter on WHYY-TV in Philadelphia, and are currently in development on two shows with outside studios.

Coming Soon

You can check out latest updates above, or everything in the news section. That is where you can find information about our con appearances, new shows, and behind-the-scenes scoop with the team here at Cinevore.

Of course we have other projects in development, and while we would love to tell you all about it, we really have to get back to work, sorry.