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Cinevore: Smart Content for TV and Web

Cinevore is a content house and production company with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. We create original properties, primarily smart comedy, sci-fi, and gamer-targeted content. Our original series include MootOverAnalyzers, and Nerd vs. Geek. We wrote and development consulted for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return on Netflix.

We create and develop IP with larger studios, including writing and producing four short films for Red 5 Studios. We are currently in development on two animated comedy TV shows with outside studios.

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You can check out latest updates above, or everything in the news section. That is where you can find information about our con appearances, new shows, and behind-the-scenes scoop with the team here at Cinevore.

Of course we have other projects in development, and while we would love to tell you all about it, we really have to get back to work, sorry.