Q?What is Cinevore?

Cinevore is a group of highly motivated creative nerds working out of the Greater Philadelphia area that come together to work on films, shows (for TV and web), and other cool fiction projects. Usually these involve dragons or spaceships or something.

Q?So you make shows or movies or what?

Yes, and yes. We have made shows for web for many years, which have led to making shows for WHYY-TV Philadelphia (Moot), and short films for clients and festivals alike.

Sometimes we make written comedy like blogs or horoscopes that make fun of you, sometimes we provide punch-up to other people’s scripts. We do commercial non-fiction work too, but usually under THIS banner (you sci-fi geeks may get the reference and why it’s called that). Cinevore is where we keep the creative stuff.

Q?Can I hire you?

Yes! We develop and produce high-quality fiction internally but also for clients and partners. Our last four stand-alone shorts, as well as our last short-form comedy series, were projects for hire. We pitched ideas matching the client’s needs until they liked one, then we wrote a script, worked up a budget, cast, crewed, scheduled, filmed, scored, and edited it, and delivered it.

We have also optioned creative content developed in-house to partner companies for film and television.

If any of that is what you’re looking for, get in touch!

If what you want is an event documented, a commercial for your company, or a promotional video, our principals also run Crystalline Studios, so you can get in touch HERE.

Q?What have you done that I’d have heard of?

We’re not mind readers, you know! But let’s run through your options:

  • We wrote and filmed an episode of Society: Why It’s Wrong about “Fake Geek Girls,” which was featured on Upworthy, and tweeted by Grant Imahara of MythBusters.
  • We are regular contributors to the Mixed Nuts Productions series Living in 8 Bits and co-produced the spinoff Super Plumber Brothers.
  • We produced the host segments of Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Turkey Day marathon in 2014 for Shout! Factory.
  • We produced a comedy show called Moot which aired as a part of Articulate with Jim Cotter throughout 2015 on WHYY-TV in Philadelphia.
  • Our show Nerd vs. Geek was featured on the front page of Kickstarter, in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and a bunch of other media outlets. We released Season 1 on DVD in 2014.
  • We co-wrote and produced a show with our friends at Cinemassacre called OverAnalyzers, about scientists analyzing pieces of pop culture. The characters of “Matt” and “Susie” on that show… those are the principles of Cinevore. “Lee” is our sometimes-photographer, sometimes actor, sometimes inadvertent writer, and all around hilarious friend.
  • We’ve worked with Cinemassacre and James Rolfe (best known as the Angry Video Game Nerd) on a bunch of stuff, including the TMNT Pizza Taste Test, featured on The Onion AV Club, Syfy/Blastr, and The New York Post.
  • Our team was involved in AVGN: The Movie in a number of capacities from lending cameras to doing editing and special effects, to appearing on screen.
  • Our short films Dialogue Tree, Limit Break, Biohazards, and Supervillain Security Solutions were all commissioned by Red 5 to promote the video game Firefall. Upon release, they were all featured on Kotaku.com, and some even spread to other sites like Cheezburger.com and Dorkly.