Moot: Slam Poetry

Bryce invites the other teachers to a Poetry Slam, sparking a debate on how one judges poetry, and what makes something a "slam." Moot is a proud part of Articulate...
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Moot: 21st Century Artist

Heather's goal to create high art comes into question when Terra gets a gallery show based on her Etsy arts and crafts. Moot is a proud part of Read more

Moot: The Art of Listening

Terra selects John Cage's "ASLSP" (As SLow aS Possible) for the day's pep rally, while Bryce tries to spread the word about Ms. Kraft's untimely passing. Moot is the...
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Moot: Rutabaga

  Heather recruits Bryce to play tech support when she is unable to create white text on a CMYK printer. Terra lends assistance with an app that caters to...
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