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Behind-the-scenes and current happenings in the world of Cinevore.

Living in 8 Bits go to MAGFest 2014

We take our first ever trip to MAGFest and cover the 2014 con Living in 8 Bits style, tackling the big issues like the origins of the Colossus Roar.

Featuring interviews with:
Billy and Jay from The Game Chasers
Reroware TV
Stuttering Craig
James Rolfe – The Angry Video Game Nerd, Cinemassacre
Roo – Clan of the Gray Wolf
Luna Ian – Retroware TV
Eric – Let’s GET!
MovieBob – The Game Overthinker, The Escapist
Pat the NES Punk
Default Dan

Living in 8 Bits at Too Many Games 2012

Mike and Ponter went to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to cover Too Many Games 2012 in 8 Bits style. There were lots of games, people and fun happenings a doing! Oh, and we get to hold an actual Nintendo World Championship cartridge in our hands and it was glorious.

Featuring interviews with:
James Rolfe and Mike Matei – Cinemassacre
Stephanie Yuhas – Project Twenty1, OverAnalyzers and Nerd vs. Geek
Justin, Shawn, Newt, and Frank from Underbelly
Josh, Nick, and Paul from Continue?
Chad from
Will – 8Bitx Radio Network
Adam (AKA Square Painter)

Living in 8 Bits: Meet the Cast – Part 4

Final Part of in depth interviews with the cast of Living in 8 Bits talking about the series, video game influences, and behind the scenes stories. In this Episode, get all the dirt as the Cast talk about their fellow cast members. If you haven’t checked out Part 3… what’s wrong with you? Get on that!

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