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Behind-the-scenes and current happenings in the world of Cinevore.

Too Many Games 2013 Promo

The teams of Cinevore and Mixed Nuts Productions bring you this video promo to further entice you to attend Too Many Games 2013 on June 15th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

You can find details about the panel we are hosting by reading this post.

Nerd vs. Geek Season 1 Wrapped!

So it's official: on Tuesday, May 7th, nearly 6 months and $7,000 after we began shooting, we officially wrapped on Season 1 of Nerd vs. Geek! The Season Finale...
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Nerd vs. Geek Coming Soon

What is Nerd vs. Geek?

It’s the eternal question: do you consider yourself a nerd? Or a geek? Or neither? Which is better, playing as a dinosaur in a video game, or going to a real-life museum to walk amongst their remains? Each of the characters in this upcoming web series struggles with these same questions, as they try to balance their love of all things intellectual and creative with their attempts to fit into a society that treats blue-painted sports fans as gods amongst men, but anime cosplayers as worthy of ridicule.

“The real purpose of this series is NOT to stereotype or sensationalize  ‘nerds & geeks’, but to show the often unseen inner struggles of intelligent introverts,” says Matt Conant, the project’s writer and director.

Also, it’s an ensemble comedy. 3 awkward social circles – a Mensa chapter, a gaming group & a theater company – merge after their leaders become Craigslist roommates. Think Big Bang Theory or Community, with some OverAnalyzers thrown in. There is not enough clever and intelligent comedy in the world of cat videos known as the internet, and Cinevore’s goal is to change that. With your help, of course.

This series will touch on every aspect of nerd/geek culture, including video games, comic books, math, science (fact and fiction), cartoons, board games, card games, theater, TV, and movies. It is a fiction steeped in the often true, even-more-often-sad actual lives of our two head writers, who also play principal characters.

Promo Image

The Company

Cinevore in assistance with Kestum Bilt video production has produced a number of high-profile projects, including the parody music video Piece of Meat, which was featured on the front page of both College Humor, and YouTube’s Comedy channel, and now boasts over 500,000 views on YouTube alone. Our most recent project was a short film Dialogue Tree for Stage 5 TV’s Continuum collection for up and coming filmmakers. Prior to that we developed a series called OverAnalyzers, featuring James Rolfe (aka “The Angry Video Game Nerd”) of Cinemassacre, which follows a team of quack scientists that try to decipher the epic mysteries of pop culture, like where the Ninja Turtles get the money for all those pizzas, or the gruesome details behind how Data from Star Trek has sex.

The Crew

NVG Crew Promo
The production team includes many of the same favorite behind-the-scenes folks, including Matt Conant (Writer/Director), Stephanie Yuhas (Writer/Producer), Michael Licisyn (Director of Photography), Caroline Boyd (script supervisor), Chris Barley (graphics), but we will need to add additional crew members for lighting, audio, special effects, costumes, music, and hair/makeup (gasp! A first!)

The Cast

Behind the Scenes Promo

We have a ten-person ensemble cast of talented professionals that were recruited through the Project Twenty1 community. You can see some of their character breakdowns now on our Facebook page!

Why we need support:

Filmmaking at any scale is costly. Our current plan is to produce 12 episodes of 3-8 minutes each, for a total of around 60 minutes of content. We will also be shooting behind-the-scenes footage and inevitably capturing bloopers, and including all of them on the DVD we produce at season’s end.

We have much of our budget already covered through creative bartering with the talent, crew, and locations. We are currently trying to raise $12,710 for season 1. 

This campaign is simply to help cover those costs that we can’t avoid – equipment rental so you can actually see and hear us, location rentals so you’re not bored to death of Matt’s basement, props, costumes, and healthy food for long days on the set.

How to Get Involved:

Option 1: Donate Directly!

You can also mail in your support to:

Project Twenty1 Offices
Cinevore c/o Nerd vs. Geek
107 East Main Street, Suite LL1
Norristown, PA 19401


Any donors $5+ will receive: Fun digital perks, including a listing on this page with your name + donation level (let us know if you would like to remain anonymous), a digital download of “Official Backer” Laurels, exclusive E-blasts including status updates about the show, advanced access to every episode & behind-the scenes release of season one of Nerd vs. Geek before it goes live via a private link, PLUS a digital download link containing our 5 nerdy/geeky title cards for use as desktop wallpaper, facebook cover photo, or whatever you want, really. It’s all creative-commons, so print it, wear it, remix it – we don’t mind!

Any donors $10+ will receive: Everything below, plus physical Official Backer stickers mailed to them! Thank you for Simco Sign Studios for donating a short run of exclusive stickers so we can spoil our backers without taking away from our show!

Any donors $100+: Everything below plus a small special surprise gift in the mail for supporting our cause. It could be title cards, stickers, autographed scripts, one of a kind sketches – every pack will be unique & chosen by a cast or crew member at Cinevore.

Any donors $500+: That are interested in items like product placement, producer credits, fishslapping, etc. contact matt@cinevore.com. We want to make sure you receive the perk that is right for you.

Our Donors So Far: (6/8/13)

  • David Middleton $502
  • Chris Loper $501
  • Andrew Carleo $500
  • Joshua Kraft $250
  • Greg Conant $100
  • Freshter $100
  • Carol Fritz $100
  • Ean Orsel $100
  • Pete & Heather Lauritzen $100
  • Keith Lyons $100
  • Winston Yuan $100
  • Melissa Wawrzenski $100
  • David Lucidi $100
  • Anthony Cipollo $100
  • Adam Cusack $60
  • Anastasios Sioukas $50
  • Charles Culman $50
  • John Natsis $50
  • Thomas Briggs $40
  • David Bry  $35
  • Brad Shelton $30
  • Shannon Ryan $25
  • Christopher Brewster $25
  • Alex Lynds $25
  • Donna Braun $25
  • Jeremy Collins $25
  • Tammy Meister $25
  • Liberty Bell Films $20
  • Eric Parfait $15
  • Theo Chin $15
  • Michael Crandal $10.01
  • Angelle Tusa $10
  • Emily Kesselman $10
  • Jesse Gilmore $10
  • Marek Belski $10
  • Michael Ponter $10
  • Sarah Braun $10
  • Anonymous $6
  • Mary Simpson $5
  • Sebastian Bejga $5
  • Timothy Roller $5
  • Crystalline Studios (In-Kind)
  • Screenwave Media (In-Kind)
  • Simco Sign Studios (In-Kind)

Option 2: Promote!

If you’re more into physical perks, we have an awesome store where you can buy Nerd vs. Geek merchandise. In addition to helping us promote the show, you’ll be able to customize the merchandise to your liking!

A small percentage of merchandise proceeds (about 5-16%) will be paid to us through Zazzle, and 100% of that will go towards making more productions. We will be adding more merchandise to the store as the series progresses. Check out our store here.


This series is one that we are all extremely excited about creating and that we all believe strongly in. Any support, whether it is a pledge or a reposting of this page to others who might become fans or supporters, is very important and meaningful to us.

And as always, the free way to help our show is to invite your friends to Like our Page and Follow us on Twitter. Most importantly, sign up for our Cinevore Newsletter.

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