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Haunted by dreams, Molly tries to convince her family that something is wrong with her pregnancy, but no one heeds her warning.

Vessel is the directorial debut of Stephanie Yuhas, starring an entirely female cast led by Sarah Braun. The 5-minute short film was produced in 2016 and is currently on a festival & convention tour. As a result, we are unable to release the film online at this time. Please follow Cinevore’s Facebook and Twitter for schedule of screenings. This film is intended as a trailer for a large budget feature and as a vehicle to discuss feminism in science fiction in a live community setting.

We’ve given you smart comedy. We’ve given you quirky animation. This cerebral sci-fi horror is unlike anything that Cinevore Studios has ever created.

Vessel was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Delaware Valley Filmmaking Foundation and through generous private donations from our Cinevore friends. We are currently raising money to cover the cost of festival submission fees. Get involved today:

Backer Levels:

  • Executive Producer: $2500
  • Producer: $1000
  • Associate Producer: $500
  • Backer: <$500

If our goals are reached, all backers above $99 will get an invitation to the cast & crew screening party and their names listed in the credits.

All backers above $1 will receive a secret link to the film (we do not plan to put it online until our festival tour is complete).


Funding Status:

  • Production (Hard Costs): 100% funded. We have raised $6832 out of $6832 for Production (Pre-Production, Production & Post. Line-by-line available per request.)
  • Production (In-Kind): 100% funded. We have raised over $5,568 of in-kind donations, such as donated props, locations, food, and in-kind services.
  • Marketing/Festival Tour: We have raised $451 out of $3,200 for marketing, a festival tour, and a cast & crew screening party.

The Team:


Some behind-the-scenes looks at the body paint, pre-visual FX! By Natalie Haabak-Foxhill

Starring Sarah Braun as Molly
Karla Shantz as Ildie
Rachel Keefe as Lee
Melissa O’Donnell as Dr. Idegen
Executive Producer: Mike Sutton
Written & Directed by Stephanie Yuhas
Assistant Director: Matt Conant
Produced by Sarah Braun & Stephanie Yuhas
Associate Producers: Dave Middleton & Willem Frishert
Cinematography & Editing by Michael Licisyn
Sound, Visual FX & Editing Chris Potako
Hair & Makeup by Maleeva F. Epperson
Body Paint by Natalie Haabak-Foxhill
Storyboards Chris Barley
Art Department: Kyle Jentes
Prop Master Bryan Donoghue
Production Assistance: Wedge Wegman
Special Thanks  Charles Audenried High School, Chris Hillman, Dana Michael, Doug Sakmann, Heather Spangler, Larry Aniloff, Lauren Etkins, Natalie Pagano, Joan Tomaselli, Ann M. Finnegan, Donna Braun, Steven Bradford, and Mary Purtle

Additional credits coming soon.



Q: Why don’t you use Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
A: This is such a small project that the overhead of running a campaign, not just in revenue share on the crowdfunding platform, but the sheer time of managing a campaign, makes it not a viable solution. That’s also why we’re keeping the perks REALLY simple.

Things that work best on crowdfunding platforms include gadgets, games, and film projects with household names. Indie films, non-profit arts projects, and live events do not work as well. Believe us, we know – we’ve been consultants on eleven crowd-sourcing campaigns for clients, and we’re about to break a world record with one of them. This isn’t the one; this is the little indie darling starring unknown talents. But that also means that your dollar is worth way, way more to it.

Q: But…I want T-shirts, Keychains, and other assorted crap I’ll never wear!
A: It’s not that kind of movie. But we do have regular Cinevore swag here!

Q: How can I guarantee that this film will be made with the funds I donate?
Production is already 100% complete so it’s “in the can.” Since we are at the point of no return, there is no way this project can fail. Now every dollar is used towards live exhibition of this work (festival submission fees, transportation, tickets) and furthering the project to the next phase, which is feature development.

Q: Why won’t you just put it on YouTube so I can downvote it already?

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