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Kickstarter Success! THANK YOU backers!

Kickstarter Success! THANK YOU backers!

Great news! A week ago, we achieved our Kickstarter goal. This means our plan to author and replicate a DVD of Nerd vs. Geek Season 1 has come to fruition!

KS-SuccessThank you all so much for your support throughout the campaign, and for still talking to us in the wake of what was definitely a lot of emails from us. But, many of you wrote about how worthwhile it was, since you will now have a shiny new DVD or two, plus some other cool stuff very soon!

Most perks will be delivered between now and the end of May, as stated in the Kickstarter. But, nearly all backers were also promised a “Digital Totebag” containing a bunch of cool files, pictures, our snazzy theme song, courtesy the talented Kevin Stahl, etc. before the conclusion of March. So check your email or your Kickstarter page for the special links! The link to download that stuff (and it’s over 5GB of stuff, so hope you have a fast connection!) will be coming in the next few hours.

In the meantime, we’ve been writing our NEW episode of Society: Why It’s Wrong, to be included on the DVD and released on our YouTube channel. We sent out a survey to all backers last week asking you to select a topic to be ranted about. And… survey says (BING) CLICKBAIT will be the topic of the new episode. The script for that is nearly complete and it looks like we’ll be filming it this Friday, April 4th, in time to get in onto the disc. We’ve also been busy gathering assets and designing the DVD cover to make sure you guys get the most extra-special package possible from us.

On that note, for those who were unable to back us during our campaign, but who still want a DVD, we’ve set up a Cinevore Store. Check it out! Hopefully, as we generate more merch in the coming months and years for Cinevore, more stuff will be available. But for now, hey! Get yourself a DVD if you don’t already have one or two coming to you.

More soon on your downloadable HD Nerd vs. Geek episodes, other physical perks being mailed out, and, as we get closer, news on specific day and time for our DVD release party!

Stay tuned, and thanks again!


Important: If you backed & do not see your name on this list, it’s because you selected “No Reward”, so we assumed that you would prefer your name to remain anonymous. We also posted names as publicly displayed on Kickstarter for the same reason. We are happy to add you to this list/adjust it if you wish – just drop us a line at matt at cinevore.com

In alphabetical order: 

Andre Bennett
Anthony Joseph Felix
Austin Fredericks
Austin Jephson
Brad Shelton
Brandon Podell
Brandon Tanczak
Cara Schmidt
Carol Fritz
Caroline Boyd
Carrie Wink
Cathy Peberdy
Cherie Gallinati
Chris Cesarano
Chris Loper
Chris Pierdomenico
Chris Potako
Dana Michael
Daniel Robles Avila
Darren Romero
Dave Beckner
David C. Lucidi
David J Gibboni
David J. Spangenberg
Ean Orsel
Emily ‘Emily K’ Kesselman
Eric Parfait
Frank M. Minichini
Gary Boyce
Gary Hanna
Geekers Keep
Glen Gould
Greg Conant
Ian Cockfield
Ivan Karpan
Jacob Fulbright
James Groshon Parker
James Hickey
James Moss
Jamie Wronka
Jarreau Wimberly
Jason Parker
Jason Polo
Jeff Smith
Jeffrey Barg
Jeffrey Jones
Jeremy Collins
Jesse Gilmore
Joe Graeff
John Hoang
john mattiuzzi
Jonathan Etkins
Joseph Collins
Joseph DAmbrosio
Joseph Torres
Joshua Kraft
Juliana Storozuk
Kara Van Blarcum
Keith Lyons
Kevin Combs
Kevin Stahl
Liz Kraft
Lori Reed
Mark Loewenstern
Mark Wawrzenski
Mary Krause
Matthew Goman
Matthew Lanken
Max Politowski
Michael Marvin
Michael S Sutton
Michael Scharff
Michael Serfes
Miguel Pineiros
Mike Fenton
Mike Kaman
My Penis Smells Like Beer
Nicholas Hendley
Nicholas Milicia
Olivia Cauthen
Paradigm Gallery
Pat Cipollo
patrick Awesome
Patrick Viesti
Pete Lauritzen
Priya Royal
Rachel Troche
Randy Young
Rob Cosden
Robert Walker
Ron Simpson
Ryan Z. Dawson
Sabina Ana Maria Trandafir
Sarah Braun
Sean Eustis
Sebastian Werner
Secret Asian Man
Serina Patterson
Shannon Ryan
Stephen Schrider
Steven Carino
Steven Lord
Steven Martin
Steven Toth
Tammy Meister
Theo Chin
Thomas S Darragh
Thomas Settefrati
Tim Matson
Timothy Mangan
Tony Parsram
Umberto Lenzi
Wesley Gyorko
Zachary Palmer

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