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Shows | Cinevore Studios


Super Plumber Bros.

Two fictional plumbers find themselves removed from their universe of talking mushrooms and fire flowers, and have to contend with finding jobs in the real world.

Watch HERE.


Created for WHYY’s Articulate with Jim Cotter, Moot is an irreverent look at art and society through the eyes of the faculty of the fictional Huxta Middle School.

Watch HERE.


Nerd vs. Geek

Three awkward social circles converge when their leaders become Craigslist roommates.

Watch HERE.

Society: Why It’s Wrong

This podcast-style satire on modern life takes on everything from Blenders to The Human Body to well, podcasters.

Watch HERE.


Victorian Cut-out Theatre

Monty Python meets steampunk in this world of mythological legends, xenophobia, and eccentric billionaires.

Watch HERE.

Chris Reads Craigslist

Dramatic readings sourced directly from Craigslist.

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Five quack scientists, unable to suspend disbelief, dig deep into some of pop culture’s toughest mysteries.

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Living in 8 Bits

Ever wonder what your life would be like as a video game? This pretty much answers all your questions.

Watch HERE.