Living in 8-Bits: Comment Response III

The Cinevore Studios and Living in 8-Bits teams respond to internet comments.

Victorian Cut-Out Theatre #19: A Peculiar Soiree

One guest has trouble appreciating some of the party’s “special” activities.

Dialogue Tree

Doug wakes up one day with a unique problem: he has a dialogue tree. And it’s a vague one.

C Is for Crazy – Cookie Monster is Mean to Me

The voice inside my head is mean to me. He sounds a lot like Cookie Monster.

Living in 8 Bits #44 – Wily Corp Interns

Wily Corp has had its share of mishaps and accidents over the years. On the plus side, it features a great internship program for up and coming scientists designing Robot Masters.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre #18: The Curse of Baltimore Hall

Lord and Lady Cheever look into purchasing Baltimore Hall.

Supervillian Security Solutions

A Bowser-wannabe, eager to upgrade his castle security, runs into a crafty and seductive saleswoman.

Limit Break

A group of adventurers and a monster learn to work together… while they wait for the Wizard to finally make his move.

Cinevore’s Matt Conant roasts the Angry Video Game Nerd!

Too Many Games 2013

Stephanie Yuhas roasts the Angry Video Game Nerd!

Too Many Games 2013

Biohazards: Another day, another typical job interview at the Umbrella Corporation.

For all you Resident Evil fans out there

Nerd vs Geek Episode 12: Lazer Tag

SEASON FINALE: Tensions between the nerds/geeks come to a head and the only solution is an all-out lazer tag battle! Who will be victorious?

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