Living in 8 Bits Outtakes: Episodes 31-33

The insanity continues with another set of Outtakes for Episodes 31, 32, and 33.

Living In 8 Bits Behind the Scenes: #33 – Greg Belmont vs. Celebrity Status

Go Behind the Scenes as we film the season finale, Greg Belmont vs Celebrity Status with Mr. Greg Belmont himself.

Living in 8 Bits #46 – The Contra Code

The Box Art Commando finally arms himself with the Konami Code.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre #22: Celestial Bodies

An advanced alien race offers the Prime Minister the key to utopia. But at what price?

Chris Reads Craigslist #15

Looking for a cool pet? Try Craigslist

Living in 8 Bits Outtakes: Episodes 25-30

Another set of outtakes for Living in 8 Bits! Enjoy the zaniness that is filming with us.

Living in 8 Bits go to MAGFest 2014

MAGFest 2014 covered Living in 8 Bits Style

Living in 8 Bits Behind the Scenes #45 – Super Stalker Plumbers

Behind the Scenes look at Super Stalker Plumbers and Matt’s transformation to an iconic brother.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre #21: Local Customs

An English gentleman attempts to secure lodging in a tiny village which does things a bit differently.

Society: Why It’s Wrong

Hurry it up, evolution! I’m tired of dragging this flabby thing around with me.

Living in 8 Bits #45 – Super Stalker Plumbers

The Plumber is back and won’t take the hint!

Dialogue Tree

Doug wakes up one day with a unique problem: he has a dialogue tree. And it’s a vague one.

Limit Break

A group of adventurers and a monster learn to work together… while they wait for the Wizard to finally make his move.

Biohazards: Another day, another typical job interview at the Umbrella Corporation.

For all you Resident Evil fans out there

C Is for Crazy – Cookie Monster is Mean to Me

The voice inside my head is mean to me. He sounds a lot like Cookie Monster.

Supervillian Security Solutions

A Bowser-wannabe, eager to upgrade his castle security, runs into a crafty and seductive saleswoman.

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