Victorian Cut-out Theatre – Occupational Hazards

A dinner party stalls when a young man is asked what he does for a living.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre – Changeling

A strange occurrence involving a baby has Father Callahan questioning the spirit realm… and human intelligence.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre – Career Opportunities

Mr. Talbot’s job interview is going well until he is asked to describe his biggest weakness.

Nerd vs. Geek Episode 10: Dungeons & Dragons

Matt hosts game night, with a few new players, and explaining the rules of D&D becomes more complicated than the game itself.

Living in 8 Bits #36: Robot Master Auditions

Where does Dr. Wily get all those robot ideas anyway? And why do some of them suck so bad?

Moot: Video Games

Adrian struggles to get the faculty’s approval for his new video games club.

Dialogue Tree

Doug wakes up one day with a unique problem: he has a dialogue tree. And it’s a vague one.

Chris Reads Craigslist #24- Chair

You should probably borrow your friend’s pick up truck RIGHT THE HELL NOW!

Society: Why It’s Wrong – “Fake Geek Girls”

What are you doing, you trolls?? This phrase is the dumbest thing nerd-kind has ever embraced.

C Is for Crazy – Cookie Monster is Mean to Me

The voice inside my head is mean to me. He sounds a lot like Cookie Monster.

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