Short Films

Many of these were custom-built for clients.
Others were just for fun.

Herbicil 🌷 Take Control Back

Written and Directed By - Robb Stech

Featuring - Mike Sutton (Living In 8 Bits), Robb Stech (Nerd Vs Geek, SexyDanger), Jennifer Butler, Sarah Lynn Dewey, Tom Stackhouse, Jennifer M Kay, Allison Kessler, Beverly Gunn, Dax Richardson

Side Effects - Chris Potako

Cinematographer - Brian Keenan

Associate Producers - Matt Conant, Tyler Macready, Chris Arney

Gaffer and Grip - Hsien Lee

No Thanks To - Flowers
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Moot served as the scripted comedy portion of arts magazine show Articulate with Jim Cotter on WHYY-TV, Philadelphia’s PBS affiliate.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre

Created by Rob Walker, VCoT is a satirical look at a world of Victorian rituals, supernatural catastrophes, and eccentric billionaires.

Nerd vs. Geek

Three awkward social circles are forced to combine when their respective leaders become Craigslist roommates. A 12-episode digital series.

Super Plumber Bros.

The world’s most famous fictional plumbers struggle to find work they’re actually qualified for in the real world.
Created in collaboration with Mixed Nuts Productions.