Hella XP Actual Play - Episode 1: Beer Wars
When our story begins, our heroes, August Marsh (Emmett Furey), Sym (Matt Conant), and Vex (Lauren Cipollo) find themselves unwittingly thrust into the middle of a brewing war. GM Moe Poplar guides us through it.

Hella XP is a Role-Playing Game Actual Play, played using the game Shibuyan Knights from Ashy Feet Games.

Lauren Cipollo: https://laurencipollo.com
Matt Conant: http://www.cinevore.com
Emmett Furey: https://emmettfurey.com
Moe Poplar: https://ashyfeet.com/games
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Cinevore Studios was founded in 2003 in Philadelphia by Creative Director Matt Conant.

From our first work, a 7-minute comedy/horror Western, we’ve straddled the line of genres. We’ve written and produced parody horror music videos, satirical Victorian animation, and comedies about video games, among many other works of high art.

Clients and colleagues we’ve worked with over the years include video game company Red 5, WHYY-TV (Philadelphia’s PBS affiliate), Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix), and Cinemassacre (The Angry Video Game Nerd).

Today, we have a half dozen digital series under our belts, a trilogy of sci-fi novels coming soon from Aethon Books, and several projects in development with Hollywood studios and networks.

We work with the best and brightest talent, writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, and more , and while we’ll gladly keep cranking out our own content, we’re equally happy to help you bring your concept to life.

​Whether you’re here as a fellow creator, or merely as a lover of geeky content, welcome to the Cinevore family! Get ready for some weird.


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