Wow, we are so flattered and humbled by this review.

Check out the review of the PARALLAX series from the Sci-Fi Queens podcast! This review is exciting and special to us, because we’ve always prided ourselves on writing and producing projects with three-dimensional, powerful, and flawed female characters, and I guess we hit the mark here. 🙂

The Sci-Fi Queens podcast featuring PARALLAX: ORIGIN

The entire show – featuring Blerd Girl Cosplay, and a segment on scientist Daniela L. Rus – is a blast, and worth watching! But if you prefer to skip to the Book Review, we’re at the 48:50 mark.

Some excerpts:

“I am 100% convinced that if they turn [Parallax] into a TV series – which they need to – it will be better than The Expanse. And I’m a huge Expanse fan.”

“One of the best trilogies I have read in years. The last trilogy I could say that was really mind-blowing and captivating in this way was The Hunger Games.”

So… wow. We could not be more flattered. Thank you so much for reading, enjoying our book, and sharing your enthusiasm with the world!

Here’s hoping we can make you that TV series one day. 🙂

Everybody, please check out the Sci Fi Queens podcast on TikTok and YouTube!

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