So, on a recommendation, I applied to a thing called a Space Economy Camp a few weeks ago.

Why? Well, for one thing, it had the word “space” in it.

Also “camp” which I’m generally less fond of due to the sparse availability of showers, toilets, and comfortable beds, but when paired with “space” it sounds pretty awesome. And when held in a hotel with all those amenities, even better!

For another thing, it landed on a rare empty weekend.

November 2023

November 5th, I’ve been asked to be a part of Anaheim Indie Authors Day, and I will be on a panel with fellow sci-fi authors Brian Fitzpatrick (the Mechcraft series), Lauren Cipollo (my writing partner for most things), and Jenni Powell, who, while not a sci-fi author specifically, is an extremely talented transmedia producer, and that was precisely what this panel was looking for!

November 24th-26th is LOSCON, which I was invited to speak at last year and LOVED. Despite its small size, it was a truly passionate batch of panelists and attendees. I met and spoke on panels with some sci-fi & fantasy royalty including Larry Niven (Ringworld), Steven Barnes (“The Outer Limits” episodes), and Todd McCaffrey (Pern series), as well as many others who I’ve remained friends with all year.

And this year Lauren and I are both going! Sadly, we still won’t have any books to sell yet (more on that soon), but we can start the hype train, support our friends, and maybe meet some other cool players in the sci-fi world.

Anyway, back to the point of this…

Right! Space Economy Camp!

What is a Space Economy Camp?

Well, in this case, it’s an initiative run by Arizona State University, a part of their Interplanetary Initiative. From their website:

  • The purpose of this project is to equip storytellers with a solid foundation of economic theory that can drive new and expansive world-building based on sustainable, non-exploitative economic models for space. To achieve this we will bring together a small cohort of storytellers of different media for an in-person interactive “Space Economy Camp.”

So, as a writer of sci-fi for both novels and film/TV, I applied.

And guess what?

Evidently there were over 80 applicants, and only 20 or so got in.

The camp runs from Nov. 9th-11th in Tempe, AZ. What will happen there? I have no idea. I probably don’t get to go to space.

I probably DO get to listen to many economic lectures.

HOWEVER, I can now officially say I was selected for something called an “Interplanetary Initiative.” So that’s going on the ol’ CV pretty much forever.

And hey, maybe I’ll learn some cool new science or economics that can help the next books in the Parallax series. Or some other series altogether!

More updates as I learn them. But wow, November is going to be busy!

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