We’ve been doing a lot of fantasy and sci-fi on here recently. But we always seem to come back around to the stuff that we’re known for, and one of our favorite genres: COMEDY.

Cinevore has completed a draft of our latest comedy script “Keepers” that we’re really happy with.

In fact, the script is ALREADY available to our Patrons here!

excerpt from the current draft of Keepers

LOGLINE: An enthusiastic but impatient zookeeper struggles to climb the ranks at a scrappy local zoo, while the new CEO plans to convert it into an Xtreme Fun Park.

Writers Matt Conant & Lauren Cipollo had a lot of fun making this script more and more ridiculous with each draft.

Join our Patreon and read it for fun! Read it and give us feedback!

Just don’t steal it and pretend it’s yours please! 🙂

We are accepting all creative thoughts and suggestions before we do one final round of revisions, and then start adding this to the ol’ Pitch Roster for the spring.


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