That’s right, you can’t keep web series down! Especially not when we built our company with them, and they’re so much fun to make.

This is not particularly what the web series is, but we don’t have any official art yet.

Since fall of 2022, we’ve been working with the very talented animation writer Jon Callan (Ben 10, Teen Titans Go, Star Trek: Resurgence) writing a new webseries.

The show is called “The Box” and it’s loosely based on the thought experiment that if you accidentally create a generalized AI (like ya do), that you must test its moral compass and alignment to a nearly impossible degree before trusting it enough to let it out of “the box,” meaning, before you allow it to interact with the rest of society or the internet.

If the AI is smart enough – and it would be – it will lie, cheat, and steal to convince you that it means well, and will almost certainly succeed, so that it can go about its business doing whatever it wants. Which may be good for humanity, but will almost certainly be bad, just because there are far more value systems that run contradictory to humans’ systems than there are corresponding ones.

It’s a lot to go through here, so instead check out this WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE.

But the show concept is:

Three brilliant but flawed and selfish coders accidentally create a generalized A.I. and must now test its moral compass before deciding whether to unleash it on humanity and reap the consequences.

As the subject matter suggests, it’ll be a touch headier than Nerd vs. Geek, but post-pilot, the idea is for a typical episode to have a similar feel to an NvG episode, the main difference being one of the characters is an A.I. in a 3D-printed human body. Or something similar.

As you can tell, we’re still early in the creation process here.

That said, we’ve made a lot of progress in the last month or so, so it felt like it was time to start talking about it.

If you have questions like…

  1. How far into development are you?
  2. Are you producing it yourselves?
  3. Is it going to be funny or terrifying?
  4. Who are you are what are you doing in my office?

…check out our PATREON page, for all this and more!

Matt Conant, Creative Director

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