Matt & Lauren on Super Geeked Up – Ep. 407

This past spring at Wondercon, we found ourselves sitting in a lounge called Ten Forward, gorging ourselves on free chips, salsa and sodas, and sitting next to a very friendly man named Francis, who it turned out, was co-host of a geeky podcast.

He found out we were science fiction writers, among other things, and asked us if we were interested in coming on the show sometime.

Three months later, and here we are! Our episode just recorded and aired LIVE mere hours ago.

Lauren and I had a blast discussing Parallax (the book series and the game), and zookeeping, amidst trying to translate alien languages, playing a geek version of the Dating Game, and chatting about movies we wish were on MST3K.

In case you missed it live, see it here in its entirety!

And follow, visit, and subscribe to and to see more of their amazing content, made by geeks for geeks.

Happy Official Summer everybody! Best to each and every one of you…



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