Robb Stech’s hilarious parody commercial for Herbicil

Cinevore is working on several comedy series at the moment.

This… isn’t one of them. BUT it’s a ridiculous parody which is exactly up Cinevore’s alley, and it features a number of Cinevore faces from past productions. It was written/directed by Robb Stech, who played Gregg in Nerd vs. Geek and the beleaguered lead in Dialogue Tree.

Robb appears in the video, as does Mike Sutton, who played the Father in Super Plumber Bros. Episode 2, and the voice of Chris Potako, who has been a part of nearly every Cinevore production since 2013, and among other things, was responsible for building and implementing all the assets for the crazy Bowser Balloon scene at the end of Supervillain Security Solutions.

“Herbicil” needs no further fanfare, so enjoy!

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