Last month, I was asked to answer a few question for a magazine far too hip and cool for me. But I did it anyway, because why not?

In the interview, we talk about work-life balance, the joys of finding affordable things to do in LA (they do exist!) and some of the people I have to thank for providing the stepping stones to my crazy artistic career (so far).

Above: To clarify, in this instance, I was only announcing the award for Best Webseries. I didn’t win Best Webseries. But it was my film festival and I was an MC*, and I made the slide announcing Best Webseries, so I think it still counts!

You can read the whole interview HERE.

Or, if you prefer, I talked to other, equally cool magazine Canvas Rebel a month or so before that, which you can read HERE.

(*MC here stands for Master of Ceremonies. It also stands for Matt Conant.)

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