Chatting With Sherri welcomes back screenwriters and novelists; Lauren Cipollo and Matt Conant!

I was so happy to catch up with Lauren and Matt and hear all the excitement about their new novel, The official April 9th release of PARALLAX: ORIGIN!

Lauren Cipollo is a screenwriter, novelist, and illustrator specializing in science fiction, fantasy and other genre fare. Lauren designed over a dozen species and countless mechanics for the space adventure tabletop role-playing game Parallax. She then co-wrote The Parallax trilogy of novels with Matt Conant, available now from Aethon Books. Lauren also authored the epic fantasy novel Dark & Zarus, which just went out on query.

Matt Conant is a show creator living in Los Angeles, with twenty years experience as a writer and director on comedy, sci-fi, and genre properties for film, TV, and digital. Matt is a writer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix, others), as well as The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live Tour. He has also created/written/directed many digital comedy series including Nerd vs. Geek, Moot, OverAnalyzers, and Society: Why It’s Wrong, and served as co-writer and frequent collaborator on The Angry Video Game Nerd, Super Plumber Bros and Living in 8 Bits. He is currently adapting a neo-noir video game property for TV, as well as writing and producing web series The Box with esteemed animation writer Jonathan Callan. 


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