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That’s right, you can’t keep web series down! Especially not when we built our company with them, and they’re so […]
This’ll be a short one but a fun one. We have a new pilot TV script: KEEPERS! Thanks to all […]
Dex, a Wastelander “router,” and Emrald, a Temari bounty hunter, share a moment after both surviving a corporate attack near […]
We’ve been doing a lot of fantasy and sci-fi on here recently. But we always seem to come back around […]
It’s celebration time. We at Cinevore are two-thirds of the way through our sci-fi trilogy of novels for Aethon Books! […]
Hey everybody! There’s a LOT going on! Most of it good-to-great news. BUT in keeping with how social media seems […]
Curious about the types of humanity that exist in the Parallax universe? Well, there are twelve of them, everything from […]
Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Cinevore has signed with publishing house Aethon Books for not one, not […]
Hi all, and happy 2022! We at Cinevore have been working hard on two manuscripts set in a dystopic space […]